Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose - colourbanana
Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose - colourbanana
Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose - colourbanana
Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose - colourbanana
Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose - colourbanana

Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose

$38.50 $27.50

Model: MacBook Air 15 M2 (2022) A2941

Model: MacBook Air 15 M2 (2022) A2941
MacBook Air 15 M2 (2022) A2941
MacBook Air 13 M2 (2022) A2681
MacBook Air 13 M1 (2020-2021) A2179/A2337
MacBook Air 13 Retina (2018 - 2019) A1932
MacBook Air 13 (2012 - 2017) A1369/A1466
MacBook Pro 13 M1/M2 (2020-2022) A2289/A2251/A2338
MacBook Pro 13TouchBar (2016 - 2019) A1706/A1989/A2159
MacBook Pro 13NONTouchBar (2016 - 2019) A1708
MacBook Pro 14 M1/M2/M3 (2021 - 2023) A2918/A2992/A2442/A2779
MacBook Pro 16 M1/M2/M3 (2021 - 2023) A2991/A2485/A2780
MacBook Pro 16 (2019) A2141
MacBook Pro 15 (2016 - 2019) A1707/A1990
MacBook Pro Retina 15 (2012 - 2015) A1398
MacBook Pro Retina 13 (2012 - 2015) A1425/A1502
MacBook Air 11 (2012 - 2017) A1370/A1465
MacBook 12 Retina (2015 - 2019) A1534
MacBook Pro Non Retina 13 (2009 - 2012) A1278

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Keep your MacBook keyboard safely protected with this stylish keyboard cover that gives your laptop a fresh pink look, and enjoy the luxury of high-quality protection that offers superior guard against dust, spills, and everyday wear and tear.

This MacBook keyboard cover is the perfect way to keep your laptop safe while showing off your sleek device.

Engineered to the highest standard of protection and comfortability, its soft and durable silicone construction sets your typing experience to the next level. Its edge-to-edge design provides full coverage from side to side without interfering with your keyboard's pristine quality, giving you a more pleasant typing experience.

Designed for plush protection, this high-quality flexible keyboard cover offers a suave, professional look that is easy on the eyes and easy to clean as it is removable and completely washable so you never have to worry about the disaster of spilling something onto your laptop saving you from the hassle of constantly having to clean your device.

Avoid high-cost repair of a damaged MacBook keyboard without compromising aesthetics.


-Soft and durable silicone construction
-Manufactured to the Highest Quality Available
-Completely washable with water (or mild detergent)
-Easy to apply and remove for cleaning or disinfecting
-Designed to provide the full protection for your Macbook keyboard against dust, spills, and wear and tear

Keyboard Cover Compatible with

-Macbook Pro 13 A1278
-Macbook Pro 13 with Retina Display A1425; A1502
-Macbook Air 13 A136; A1466

Fit Only USA Keyboard LayOut MacBooks

Keyboard Cover NOT Compatible with

-Macbook Air 11
-The New Macbook 12 Retina Display
-European Keyboard Layout Macbook
-Macbook with Silver Keyboard


Baby Rose MacBook Keyboard Cover That Provides Top-Tier Protection

Colour Banana’s beautiful baby rose MacBook keyboard cover is made from high-quality flexible silicone material. It can be removed as quickly as a spill happens. Our covers are designed to offer full protection for your MacBook keyboard against dust and dirt. Along with protection, our keyboard covers provide an extra pop of color to your MacBook.

Extra Slim Skin

Apart from a simple yet classy look, our baby rose keyboard cover for Macbook is super-thin; it won’t add any unwanted thickness. The silicon skin of our keyboard covers makes it easier for you to type. Every key is individually molded and specially printed for a long-lasting professional look.

Perfect Fit For Your MacBook Keyboard

Colour Banana’s baby rose MacBook keyboard cover will fit precisely and preserve the elegance of your MacBook. If you want to maintain your MacBook’s keyboard intensity for years to come, then grab our keyboard covers and work comfortably while nomming on your favorite cookies.

A Worthy Investment

Colour Banana’s baby rose keyboard cover will offer you great benefits at a very small price. Get yours right away!

Reviews for "Macbook Keyboard Cover - Baby Rose"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Easy install, cute, and chic


The keyboard cover was not compatible with my MacBook.


Horrible customer service. When I didn’t get my order they tried to not resend it or refund me. When I told them I would take legal action that’s when they offered to resend my item. I had to open a case with PayPal and when initially opened the case with them they said if I close the case they will reship my item. PayPal instructed me not to do that. Anyway PayPal got it sorted out and I got a new one like 6 months later. It was so ridiculous they are a scam.


I am sorry for your experiencer but we explained in our communication, you could not open a case on paypal for a refund but also asked us to send a new package on the same time.

Please contact us with the correct info asap next time when we ask as I can see you did not provide the info in ticket when we asked. It affected the time we solve your issue asap.

Very Pretty

Makes my MacBook look so pretty. Goes great with my coulour banana pink marble case!

Claudia Exiga

Loved it

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MacBook Air 15-in. (M2/M3, 2023) A2941

MacBook Air 13-in. (M2/M3, 2022) A2681

MacBook Pro 14-in. (M1/M2/M3 Pro or Max, 2021 - 2023) A2918/A2992/A2442/A2779

MacBook Pro 16-in. (M1/M2/M3 Pro or Max, 2021 - 2023) A2991/A2485/A2780

MacBook Air 13-in. (M1, 2020 - 2021) 2179/A2337

MacBook Air 13-in. (Retina, 2018 - 2020) A1932

MacBook Air 13-in. (2010 - 2017) A1369/A1466

MacBook Pro 13-in. (M1/M2, 2020 - 2022) A2289/A2251/A2338

MacBook Pro 13-in. (Touchbar, 2016 - 2019) A1706/A1989/A2159

MacBook Pro 13-in. (2016 - 2019) A1708

MacBook Pro 16-in. (2019) A2141

MacBook Pro 13-in. (Retina, 2012 - 2015) A1425/A1502

MacBook Pro 13-in. (2009 - 2012) A1278

MacBook Pro 15-in. (Toucbar, 2016 - 2019) A1707/A1990

MacBook Pro 15-in. (Retina, 2012 - 2015) A1398

MacBook 12-in. (Retina, 2015 - 2018) A1534

MacBook Air 11-in. (2010 - 2013) A1370/A1465



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