Will your cases fit the new Pro Retina 13 and Pro Retina 15 with the touch bar?
 We have new Pro Retina 13 cases in stock and fit the new touch bar models.


How can I check the price in my currency?
We have added a currency converter to the site at the bottom left of every page or you can head over to  where you can also check the price in your currency. Our prices are in USD.


Is your checkout secure?
Yes as soon as you go through the checkout process you will notice your address bar turn green, this is the sign that any website you visit is secure and you are safe on the Web. We are also certified by McAfee Secure  and of course, we offer PayPal transactions for added protection 


Do you ship to my country?
Yes, we ship worldwide.


What are the processing times? 
Our processing times are 3-5 days, items are usually shipped before this time but there can be times of the year when our printers are busier so we advise longer times to save disappointment 


When will I receive my item?
Once your item has been marked as shipped/dispatched it is estimated by the postal service that the order should arrive with you:

HK within 2-3 working days

Taiwan within 2-7 working days

Everywhere else within 7-20 working days

Working days do not include weekends or public holidays
Orders can sometimes get caught up in customs, it doesn't happen often but it can occasionally cause a delay.



Do I have a Non-Retina or Retina Macbook?
If you have a pro 13 or 15 you can tell easily if it is Retina or Non-Retina based on if you have a CD drive.

If you have a CD drive you have a Pro NON-Retina Macbook

If you do not have a CD drive you have a Pro Retina Macbook


How do I know if I have a 15inch, 13 inch etc? How do I measure?
You can find your model identifier in the system report
From the Apple menu in the top-left corner, choose "About This Mac"
Click "System Report" and you can find your serial number is listed in the Hardware Overview.
Type the serial number into the Check Your Service and Support Coverage, your model will show 


When I purchase a MacBook Case do I receive a bottom case?

The bottom part of the MacBook Cases is clear, we do not and will not print on the bottom case as this is where all the vent holes are to keep your mac from overheating.


Can I cancel my order?
The Products are manufactured on your demand. We can not cancel your order when it's already printed or shipped or when the Product is damaged. If delivery has been documented in proximity to the occurrence, we will deny a claim for fault unless you provide equivalent documentation. Therefore, to avoid inconvenience we suggest you document any Product immediately upon receipt.